Upgrading the VCSA with an ISO

vCenter 7 is here! vCenter 7 is here! vCenter 7 is here! Let’s Patch!

Alright it’s been a few months since vCenter 7 has been released, and there have been a few patches that have been released since Day 1 to fix some of the graphical and runtime issues. Let’s take a look at the patching process from ISO.

Step 1: Download the Patch ISO from https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/patch

This is a great site! You have the ability to download patches (in ISO format ) for all your products. By selecting “vc” in the drop down, I was given download options for both patches.

Step 2: Upload and Mount the ISO to your VCSA

Step 3: Log into Appliance Management, Click on “Updates” and then select “Check CD-ROM”

After checking from the CD-ROM, you will be able to stage and update these updates. Before each update, a manual backup should be taken. That one time you don’t run a backup, you will run into update issues (trust me, this happened to me and needed to redeploy).

Step 4: Update and Grab a Beer!

If everything went as planned, your VCSA will be running on the latest version (or the version that was downloaded)

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