Horizon 7.12 – Installing the Connection Server

This is the first installment of a "Mini-Series" about VMware Horizon. I recently passed my VCP-DTM (Desktop and Mobility) and a lot of my knowledge came/comes from my home lab. If you are looking to install and play with Horizon this series will get you started! The connection server is at the center of any … Continue reading Horizon 7.12 – Installing the Connection Server

Migrate VMNICs from vDS to vSS with ESXCLI (No vCenter)

Recently, I had to migrate my VMNIC bindings from my Distributed Switches to my Standard Switches. Since my vCenter instance was being restored from backup (Failed 7.0 Update), I had to revert back to the ESXCLI. Step 1: Validate Current vDS Switch Settings esxcli network vSwitch dvs vmware list Step 2: Remove NIC from vDS … Continue reading Migrate VMNICs from vDS to vSS with ESXCLI (No vCenter)

Virtual Port Channel (VPC) – Base Configuration

Overview:In my last post, we talked about some differences between traditional port channels and virtual port channel found on the Nexus line of switches. If you have not seen it, make sure to check it out here. Now that you understand some differences, its time to jump into the required configuration. Configuration:There are a few … Continue reading Virtual Port Channel (VPC) – Base Configuration